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Four Brands to Consider while Buying a Massage Chair

Whenever we buy anything we tend to put in a lot of time researching what we will buy. We do this because we want to be sure whether we are getting our money’s worth or not. We also do this with things that we do not tend to change as often or for long periods of time. A massage chair is one of them and I will shortly talk about four brands of massage chairs that have made a name for themselves through providing excellent services and products. We will not be discussing mediocre and rip-off brands here and will only be highlighting brands worthy of discussion.


The first brand we will be talking about is Panasonic. Panasonic has a presence when it comes to home appliances and not for the wrong reasons. Panasonic has a history of producing quality and its customers have always been greatly satisfied with what Panasonic produces. There are no bad massage chairs from Panasonic but there is obviously a difference in the number of features you get in every model. A model worth taking note into is the Panasonic MA73. The key feature this model has is the memory setting. The chair can be configured to have settings switched for different people or for different focus points. Not many chairs have this option but Panasonic has considered adding this feature into most of their models.

Human Touch

The second brand worthy of discussion would be Human Touch. For some people, a massage chair is not good enough as it is missing the natural touch of a physical human therapist. Such people can also prefer to shell out a bigger sum to get a better experience and Human Touch is for them. The brand name certainly provides what it suggests. Human Touch also has the honor of being accredited by the World chiropractic federation. This means that products from Human Touch are of high quality and definitely provide a rich experience.


Now we will be focusing on Inada massage chairs. Inada chairs have been sold a lot in Japan and in the United States as well. Japanese people are very tech savvy and will never prefer products with a low build quality or anything that does not deliver. Japan has made a name for quality products and Inada is one the brands that suggests this is true. Inada has one of the highest market presence rates and since so many people are buying it there is not much debate about how good these chairs actually are. For more reputable brands, top 10 best massage chairs: reviews and comprehensive guide should be your dream choice for purchasing them online.


In the end we will discuss a bit about the brand Osaki. Osaki also offers high quality products but their main selling point is their relatively cheaper chairs. Everyone wants quality but not everyone is able to pay out a large sum for everything. Osaki has managed to provide this by building chairs that cost less since they do not contain over the top accessories and features. They have left such features for their higher end models. The lower end models therefore only fulfill basic needs and if you can afford it, Osaki offers something for everyone.

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Top 3 KitchenAid Blenders of all times

Blenders are famous all around the world since it not only help busy individuals make quick smoothie breakfast to have on the go but also helps passionate cooks fulfill all their culinary dreams. Once you start suing a blender, you will understand the versatility and convenience it brings to your cooking. KitchenAid is an American brand for home appliances and a leading manufacturer of blenders. It has been in the industry since 1919 and started producing blenders somewhere in the 1990s. Their products are equipped with the latest technologies and are versatile and unique. Here are the KitchenAid blender reviews of all times:

Kitchenaid KSB3 3 – Speed Classic Blender

  • It includes a powerful motor and stainless steel blades larger in size than the other blenders can puree anything with ease including ice.
  • It includes a 40 oz glass jar to make enough servings for the entire family.
  • Its touch pad control is easy to wipe clean and includes settings for 3 different speeds to add precision to any blending job.
  • Heavy duty metal base keeps the blender stable even when blending at high speeds. The cord can be stored under the base for a compact and neat look.


KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender RKSB1570MC

  • It uses ‘Intelli-Speed Motor Control’ to automatically adjust the speed to the most suitable value for producing the best and fastest results.
  • Along with 5 speed options, pulse and crush ice functions are also available.
  • The blender will include a BPA-free blending jar with a capacity of 56 oz.
  • The intelligent ‘Soft Start’ feature starts the blending action at a lower speed than the one you selected to incorporate all the ingredients before quickly increasing to the desired speed.

KitchenAid KSB7068OB Pro Line Series

  • It features a powerful motor of 3.5 Horsepower to blend everything from smoothies to nut butter.
  • Its unique assembly of stainless steel blades cut through the contents on 4 separate planes for improved blending.
  • 11 speed options are available which can be adjusted with a dial along with pulse and ‘boost’ options.
  • The blending jar has a large capacity of 60 oz. to feed the whole family.
  • Metal base is sturdy and easy to clean along with the power dial.
  • Cleanup is easy using the self-cleaning function of the blender or by using the dishwasher to wash all the components.

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