Who would not want to save a great deal of time and effort that is spent in cooking while not compromising on taste? The modern day pressure cookers could deliver the same delicious outcome of slow cooking within much lesser time, energy, and money while the texture, flavor, and nutritional value of the food is improved.  A pressure cooker is a highly efficient kitchen device that uses very less amount of energy and is very fast. Here are some reasons that would compel you to have a pressure cooker in your kitchen:

Facilitates Faster Cooking

A best pressure cooker could reduce your cooking time to nearly one third of the conventional cooking time. Using a pressure cooker, a roast which would take three plus hours for conventional cooking would now be ready within forty minutes. Other food items like beans, chickpeas, brown rice, stews, and soups are also easily cooked in a pressure cooker in a fraction of time.

Increased Nutritional Value

Cooking in a pressure cooker could enable retaining more nutrients as compared to steaming and boiling. The nutrients that are escaped through steaming and boiling are locked during the process of cooking in a pressure cooker. Beans and grains when cooked in a pressure cooker become more digestible as phytic acid, lectins, and other anti nutrients are reduced during pressure cooking.

More Energy Efficient

Pressure cooker uses seventy percent less water, electricity, and gas. As compared to other cooking methods, pressure cooking is much more energy efficient as it utilizes the trapped steam for cooking rather than getting it lost in the air. Some latest electric pressure cookers even combine rice cooker, slow cooker, and yogurt maker in a single device. Slow rice cookers can give you ready made rice if you leave your home in day and come back in evening. 

Convenient and Easy to Use

Pressure cookers are quite convenient particularly for those having a busy lifestyle. They require minimum monitoring and are hassle free. To learn in depth pressure cooker reviews click here. Stovetop pressure cookers require little monitoring when the pressure starts while electric pressure cookers involve no supervision at all.

Improved Food Quality and Taste

Pressure cookers use extra high heat for cooking which allows better browning and caramelization of the food. In this manner the complex, deep flavors of the food are bought out and a rich delicious broth is created simultaneously. Moreover, pressure cookers can cook the moistest and most tender meat in a much shorter time.

Require Lesser Cleaning

With pressure cookers you can cook in a sealed vessel which means no more spurts and splatters. This indicates that there is no more need to clean the spillovers from the oven or the stovetop.